Understanding Drivers Hours, Working Time and Tachographs


This interactive course will contribute 7 hours towards your required total of 35 hours periodic cpc training.  It will ensure delegates acquire a full understanding of EU and domestic driver’s hours and working time regulations for mobile workers. It also covers tachograph record keeping, including both analogue and digital systems.

Candidates will gain a deeper understanding of the regulations surrounding drivers hours & working time. Also improving their knowledge and correct use of Tachographs. This course will give candidates the skills to be more compliant and safer drivers overall.

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Price: £49.00 (exc VAT)

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Drivers Hours EC561/2006 & Domestic
EC Regulations, Driving Limits, Rest & Breaks
Split Rest, Ferry Rest & Multi-Manning
Road Transport Working Time Regulations, Work Limits and Breaks
Record Keeping and Infringements under EC3821/85
Introduction to Digital Tachograph
Digital Tachograph cards, Types, Lost & Stolen, Faulty
Operational Characteristics
Manual Entries
Printout Types